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President:  Latane Saunders

Vice President: John Gass

Secretary:  Regan Pickett

Treasurer:  LeeAnn Jones

2023-24 Officers

Standing Committees

Governmental Affairs

Chairperson:  Regan Pickett

  • Governmental Affairs

    • The Governmental Affairs chairperson in conjunction with the President may attend Council District Meetings, City Commission meetings, and other organizational activities to become aware of issues, events, and regulations that may impact the Sherwood Park community.

    • The chairperson shall provide a plan of work and/or report of activities to the Executive Committee.


Chairperson:  Jim Brodeur


    • The Beautification Committee provides landscaping maintenance to the Pocket Park and Brookland Parkway entrance signs to the gateway of Sherwood Park.

    • The Beautification Committee chairperson shall coordinate volunteers to assist with special projects and litter clean-up.


Chairperson:  Yvette Conte


  • The Newsletter Editor shall publish the SPCA newsletter.

  • Communications may be distributed via email and/or e-news group posts on community updates and alerts.


Chairperson: OPEN


  • The committee shall be responsible for organizing events determined by the President and the Executive Committee; provide refreshments as needed at meetings; and prepare welcome baskets for new residents.

  • The chairperson may coordinate sub-committees for outreach and various activities.

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