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Block Captains


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Bylaws:  There shall be a block captain for each block within the defined geographic area with the exception of little John Road and Westwood Avenue. All of little John Road and all of Westwood Avenue shall be treated as one block. A co-captain may also be appointed if necessary.


Section B.  Duties of Block Captains


The block captain shall:

  1. Distribute newsletters and notices to each home in his/her assigned block.

  2. Assist in collecting annual dues from each household.

  3. Contact new neighbors and inform them about the SPCA by providing them with a hospitality packet when available.

  4. Inform the secretary of new neighbors.

  5. Receive concerns and complaints from members residing in their block to present to the Executive Committee.

  6. Notify the Executive Committee of any illnesses or deaths in his/her assigned area.

  7. Notify the president and/or Neighborhood Safety chairperson, and if feasible, households in their assigned area of crimes and significant events.

Serve on the Block Captain, Membership and Information Committee.

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