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Association Meetings

May 22, 2018

Tuesday May 22 2018


January 25, 2018

Thursday January 25 2018 General SPCA Meeting

January General Meeting Notes Kenney Cobb, Secretary The Sherwood Park Civic Association meeting was held at Veritas School on January 25, 2018. We had numerous community guests presenting information regarding our neighborhood. Keith Nix, head of Veritas School, welcomed us and gave a report about the school. Fifty families have moved into the area so that their students can walk to school. Enrollment is currently 480 students; 530 students are expected next school year and 580 the following year. The school has purchased 8 acres of land west of the current campus and will be demolishing the building currently housing the Zacharias Ganey Health Institute. Most of this will be converted to green space but the Laburnum House will remain. Veritas School is negotiating with Union Seminary to purchase 10 acres of the Westwood tract. Zacharias Ganey Health Institute will be relocating to the Franco’s Building in Lakeside. Sector Lt. Robert Fleming and several other officers gave a report about crime in our area. In general, crime is down. Lt. Fleming encouraged us to use the Nextdoor app to keep up with sector reports and other activities. We were also encouraged to use the non-emergency phone number, (804) 646-5100, to report activities that don’t require immediate attention. Current issues are crimes of opportunity, such as thefts from unlocked cars and out-buildings. Car thefts when cars are left running to warm up in the frigid weather, and package thefts were up during the holidays. Officer Frank warned to be wary of walk-up labor and to be vigilant regarding human trafficking activities. Angela Fountain, from Richmond Public Utilities, presented an energy saving project the city is embarking on to replace high pressure sodium streetlights with LED streetlights. Sherwood Park will receive eight lights in the alley of the block bounded by Loxley Road, Brookland Parkway, Robin Hood Road, and Wentbridge Road. Also, a stretch of Brook Road between Dubois Avenue and Sherwood Avenue will get new LED lights. Under general business, because the Association paid to rebuild both signs at either end of Brookland Parkway, our treasury is depleted. Normally, we keep a prudent reserve of $3000 but currently we have only $1600. As a result, dues have been increased from $10 a household to $15. We are in need of a social media chair. This includes our webpage, Facebook page and email. Please let Chris Ellis know if you are interested. Upcoming events include the May 6 spring picnic, May 22 general meeting, and the October 18 general meeting at which new officers will be elected.

May 23, 2017

Tuesday May 23rd at Linwood Holton Elementary 7 pm- 8:30 pm

1.  Traffic patterns in Sherwood Park:  should Wentbridge become a one-way street?  

This was in response to a request from one of the residents of this street.  We will have a representative from the City who will be educating us on this, and helping us determine if this is the right decision for our neighborhood.   Please come out to this meeting if you have any questions or concerns about this proposal.


2.  Westwood Tract update.   In January we invited Mayor Stoney to this meeting and are waiting to hear back as to whether he can attend.  We are also inviting some other members of our community who have been active on this issue to speak to it.    Please check out our webpage that is continuing to be updated with documents regarding this topic, including a transcript of the most recent GPRA meeting with Mayor Stoney and his comments on this matter:


Send us a question for the Mayor!  Submit by 5/21 using the 'contact us' form online to send in your questions in advance of the meeting, and we will provide them to the Mayor.  


3.  Executive Committee of our neighborhood association:  SPCA bylaws specify that we need to have a minimum slate of officers to run this neighborhood association. In every neighborhood, it's always a challenge to staff the key roles.    


Please take a look at our webpage to read about the various committees and come to the meeting prepared to volunteer for something.  Biggest needs:  President Elect; Nominating Committee, Block Captains, Hospitality Committee,  and Beautification Committee --> See descriptions  


4.  Dues:  At the meeting, dues will be collected, if you haven't paid them already - just $10!  Cash or check.  Our Treasurer LeeAnn Jones can tell you whether you've paid them if you can't remember.  


5. Sherwood Park Neighborhood Sign at the Entrance at Brookland Parkway and Boulevard/Hermitage Roads:  Come to the meeting to learn more


6.  PICNIC:  See assorted photos from the event last weekend, on the website's event page.  Yes, there was a little bit of rain, but we also had a rainbow!!


7.  Upcoming events: We'd like to plan a HOLIDAY PARTY (December 2017) and  a TOUR OF HOMES (Spring 2018).   Come out and sign up to help with either of these events.   

January 26, 2017

January 26 SPCA Meeting - 7 pm at Veritas

Tentative Agenda:

 Nominating Committee:  Call for a President-Elect for our neighborhood Assn

+ other Committee members needed (block captains and others)

Speakers (invited):

Kim Gray, our new city council member

Scott Barlow, our new school board member

Updates on local initiatives:  

  • Westwood Tract

  • The Luther Memorial School

  • Shalom Farms

Upcoming neighborhood plans:

Spring Clean up - volunteers needed

Spring Picnic date:  Sunday May 7th (rain date Saturday May 13th)

  • Set up

  • Clean up

  • Cake baking contest sign up 

  • Grill meister

  • providing folding tables and folding chairs

  • organizing kids' activities and games!

  • helping with the raffle (asking local organizations to contribute!)

  • and much, much more!

October 18, 2016

October 18 2016 SPCA meeting at the Clarion - 7 pm!

 SPCA Elections

Spring Picnic Kickoff

Meet the Candidates for City Council, School Board, etc.

May 19, 2016

May 2016 Meeting to be held at Veritas School at 7pm on May 19th


  • Select three members of the nominating committee per our bylaws

  • Updates from Officers, Committee Chairs, and Block Captains

  • (needed:  Block Captains & Committee Chairs)



  • Kim Gray

  • persons to speak about the proposal to the Seminary regarding leasing part of the 19 acres

  • Michelle Lord of  the Richmond Food Co-op


March 08, 2016

March 2016

Meeting Minutes:

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Upcoming Events

October 17, 2018

Sherwood Park Civic Assn Elections & Meeting


December 02, 2017

2017 Ginter Park Art Show

May 07, 2017

2017 Spring Picnic!

Potluck Neighborhood Picnic!

Featuring Kid-friendly activities

Volunteer to bring a grill, to plan a kid-friendly activity,  to help judge the cake contest, or for clean up, using the button below!

June 07, 2017

Westwood Tract Civic Participation Events: Attend the Board of Zoning Appeals meeting at 1 pm


June 14, 2017

Westwood Tract Civic Participation Events: Richmond Circuit Court Case (time TBD)


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